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Emanuel J. Kallina, II

Dear Friends,

Several years ago my wife Anne and I began The James Foundation in memory of our son. Our vision is to facilitate philanthropic giving by helping charities receive gifts they otherwise could not accept. Throughout my fifteen-plus years spent in the field of charitable giving the unfortunately high number of good gifts that are not accepted has been repeatedly brought to my attention. With the Referred Gifts Program, I feel TJF is now poised to fulfill our vision in a novel and successful manner.

Let me explain why The James Foundation's Referred Gifts Program is truly unique. First, our board of trustees is like an "all-star" team of planned giving professionals. These nationally known experts will be able to swiftly and accurately process gifts like no other board in the country. Second, we are a 501(c)(3) public charity. We exist exclusively to help other charities, not to maximize profits.

What this means to you is that through the Referred Gifts Program, we can collaborate to make gifts happen that otherwise would not. You can put your trust in the exceptional and hard-earned reputations of our trustees. Their experience allows us to turn problems into gifts.

Nobody wants to see the generosity of a potential donor frustrated. It just shouldn't happen. And now, with the Referred Gifts Program and your help, it doesn't have to.

Emanuel J. Kallina, II
Emanuel J. Kallina, II
President and Chairman of the Board

The James Foundation